Equality in the form of inequality

September 1, 2021 0

We are living in a feminist era where we talk about equality and women empowerment.

But, do we think about how the term ‘equality’ promotes inequality?

Equality simply means the same treatment is given to all. Then how do you promote equality and at the same time support reservation. How is equal treatment being provided if opportunities are being reserved?

It actually reinstates the same privilege that feminism is said to have been fighting against.

Instead of providing reservation, how about we simply get rid of the differences between the payscale of different jobs which are primarily known for being male and women centric?

I am not for once saying that you should not get to do jobs which do not adhere to the set traditional patterns of your gender,
But all I am saying is that it creates a fair flow of opportunity for everyone to choose…instead of enforcing reservations and taking away from people’s hopes and aspirations.

Sounds like a solution? Watch to know more!