Social media regulation: who will decide what is right?

September 1, 2021 0

Freedom of speech or freedom of expression is our birthright, especially since we are part of a supposedly democratic country. But where is democracy if we are controlled?

There are all sorts of people on social media and there is no denying that some people can be “really stupid”. Especially considering our worldview is formed based on the groups we mingle in or the people we interact with.
Who are again are mostly people who share our world-veiw.

Forming a vicious cycle of stagnant opinions and leaving no space for counter perspective!

Hence, a certain filter or a regulatory body is necessary to make sure what goes on public platforms are not harmful to the society at large.

But then again who gets to decide that?

If it is the political organisation in power….then where is the democracy?

Shall we dig deeper to understand?

Will social media regulation let people think or express themselves independently?

Don’t you think that one’s thoughts make him or her different from others?

Watch the video to understand how social media regulation may suffocate freedom of expression!

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