Social Media Toolkit: A Problem

September 1, 2021 0

What we talk about in Episode 7 of Truth Shots with Kapil:
Disha Ravi Case. Social Media Toolkit. The Government’s Complaints. And much more…

Let’s talk about ‘the toolkit’:

You may have heard the word ‘toolkit’ on almost every news channel and across social media. What does toolkit exactly mean?

Here’s a little secret: I consider myself one of the original creators of the toolkits (not this one). I used the first one way back in 2011 and quite a few times after that.

However, before understanding the social media toolkit, you need to understand the purpose & logic behind social media marketing.

Unlike any other piece of marketing which relies on the ability of the message of the advertiser to reach the target market, social media relies on the power of other people to reach their target market.

In simple words, a toolkit is a means to reach a bunch of people or a broader audience.

The ‘toolkit’ word that has gained popularity with the Disha Ravi case and farmer’s protest, basically means providing a series of guidelines, training, technology, inputs and information to friends & family of the brand, to promote a specific message’.

This toolkit works exceptionally well in the entire advertising and digital marketing industry. It is used by educational institutes, activists, corporates and even politicians to promote a programme, project, movie or even a political agenda.

This is what built the Narendra Modi name, got Kejriwal into power and even helped Borris Johnson get elected.

So why did this toolkit, used by Disha Ravi, an Indian youth climate change activist, turn political?

Why is there so much hype about this particular toolkit?
Get a truthful shot about what went wrong with the infamous ‘Disha ravi Toolkit’ with me.
Watch episode 7 here: