Koo App: why do we even need it-

September 1, 2021 0

Recently, I was a panellist on the Arnab Goswami Show for a very interesting debate on the ‘Koo App’.

(You can watch it here by the way: (link to the debate))

Taking that topic further, here’s what I think about this topic:

A development by some entrepreneur or developer, everyone has been kooing about the Koo App. But why? It’s just an app.

Rather, we should talk about how it is being cartelized. And that is exactly what I will talk about.
With ministers, politicians, Tv channels, leaders, government officials doing free PR for the app, is it really fair?
Is that giving undue advantage to one entrepreneur or developer?

Here’s another thought:
Is Koo App the perfect replacement for social apps like Twitter in India?
Does the Koo app provide value to socialites?

We live in a world where we need a multitude of platforms and the ability to choose.
But is there an actual need for the Koo App? Yes, but so do other apps that add value to the life of others.

Any platform or app in the market, if uplifting regional language and providing value to customers, are welcome.

Koo App and the ‘Indian’ agenda

The government blames Twitter for being biased and starts doing the exact same thing on the Koo app. Is that really unbiased?
Does it uphold the freedom of speech? Is it free from undue influence?

What should be the call of the regulatory bodies? Who decides who should censor social media and what should be censored?

Think about it and watch episode 6 of ‘Truth Shots with Kapil’ to get more of ‘my’ insights on the topic here: 3