January 4, 2016 0

We, as humans, are currently standing at a very important juncture. A juncture that could even change the course of if we as humans are. I am sure generations before would have gone through some important decisions in their lifespan, some of them would have turned right and some of them wrong. But none appear as important or as game-changing as this one.

Present course and speed, we are years, maybe few decades (if we are lucky), from total doom. And we need to change that. We need to change our world, our future.

Before we think about changing the world, we need to change our past. We need to change what we bring up our kids and our generations to follow against. We, as a species, have always favorited heroism. We have always favored strong headedness. We have always favored strong likedness and dislikedness.

Needed, yes! But its not enough. Not in the world to follow.

The current world needs more celebration of moderatism. People who are happy to achieve some and want peaceful co-existence. We need to teach our kids the value of moderatism.

We need to teach them how all that the wars of the centuries have done is help us mature us as humans and taught us the values of no-war. How every law that we follow, every scientific, religious and cultural how every belief that we believe in,  are there only to bind people together and make our living as humans comfortable, and not to separate people.

We need to change our history. It has to start with the perils of war, the perils of heroism, the perils of what people we call great have achieved.

Perhaps 2016 will be the year when we will make this transition.

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