See you at NILF 2016!

See you at NILF 2016!

February 8, 2016 0

NASSCOM India Leadership Forum, perhaps one of the best gatherings of thought leaders and global influencers from all over the globe. The event is focused on exchanging ideas and experiences related to the world of technology. But that’s not what interests me in this year’s event.

India Leadership Forum (NILF)

Sure it will be a gala event. Sure there will be lots of wonderful national and international speakers. Sure there will be lots of business generated and discussed on the sidelines. But what is really exciting for me is that this year represents a transition. A transition from the exchange of ideas figuring out what technology might do in the next few years to what it has done in the last 12 months and what it will do in the next 2 years.

We, Indians are in the middle of this transition right now. It is the best of times and it is the worst too. It represents perhaps the best opportunity for organizations since renaissance to create differentiation and disruption. At the same time, it also represents the biggest risk that organizations could imagine facing, if they don’t create that differentiation and disruption.

Technology seems to have changed everything, everywhere. For better and for worse.

In all areas, product creation, product marketing and product logistics, technology is changing the game forever. New business models being rolled out as we speak and old ones going away. This is what excites me, gives me a sense of adventure, keeps me going every day.

As a digital marketing agency, OMLogic sit in the middle of all this. With pride, I look at us and organizations like us as being the biggest drivers of this transition. We are starting to become the fuel that keeps the engine cranking. And become more potent we must!

I am all geared up for the 3-day extravaganza which will bring in lots of ideas, new innovations, techniques and knowledge about technological advancements in the global scenario (and of course some new business).

We, Team OMLogic, are also the official Social Media Partners of NASSCOM and will be covering and presenting the event for the whole world who couldn’t make it to the event.  For those who are there, find us. We will be the crazy ones running around and Tweeting. We would love to meet and talk!

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