Why are farmers’ protests a nuisance?

September 1, 2021 0

When people ask me to support farmer’s protests, my answer is always… HELL NO!
Because I don’t support civic protests of any kind… (smirk emoji)
So who exactly should take the blame for farmers suicide?
Climate change-induced risks or faulty market mechanisms or the government policies?

Here’s my truth gyaan for you on the topic:

People talk about the farmer’s sacrifice… I mean what is that anyway?
You see, farmers work on the land given by their parents or ancestors to generate income and employment. What the heck is the sacrifice in that!?!
So why is everyone paying them heed?
Because of ‘Vote Bank Politics’!
Each & every political party seems to give them attention only because they can get them elected! And that’s about it.
The best part? It’s NOT a national farmer’s protest. It’s a Punjab farmer’s (perhaps the richest section of farmers in India) protest!
So why are they still protesting & getting attention?
The answer might leave you too perplexed…
Watch my first episode of ‘Truth Shots with Kapil’ to find out…