Why I don’t wear mask | masks are bad for health

September 1, 2021 0

The theme of 2020: To wear or not to wear ‘masks’

I don’t wear masks. I don’t like to wear masks.

Infact, research backs me up!
Long term consequences of wearing masks can cause heavy headache, skin & acne problems, and other diseases.
Those who wear it might know how it feels like “going to a high altitude & trying to breathe there.”

The inception of masks!

To stop the spread of COVID-19, governments across the world told us to stay home, don’t talk to each other, and maintain distance.
But with the lockdown over and the cases falling, why are they still insisting on wearing masks?

Is wearing a mask needed to control COVID-19 or was it just a strategy to shift the attention of millions from the real problem?

My thought: get out of the house and develop herd immunity!

So what is it? Are masks really effective? I don’t think so.

An interesting fact: I did contract COVID in June this year.

Wanna know my take on the whole experience and learn how the government used the ‘Mask all up’ strategy on us?

Watch the Ep 2 of ‘Truth Shots with Kapil’ to find out!