Liberalism: A modern fallacy

September 1, 2021 0

Today’s topic: LIBERALS

We all want to be one. We all claim to be one. We are nothing, if not a liberal.

Liberals are all about equality, feminism, women empowerment, LGBTQI, muslims, dalits, etc.

Liberals stand for each other. They want to understand why a terrorist became a terrorist. They want to support everyone who is ever suppressed, oppressed or exploited.

They are the cornerstones of our society and believe in the freedom of expression, freedom of speech, in the freedom of choice. They teach us sympathy, empathy, and to be more humane. And I LOVE all these traits of liberals.

But if you ask me, am I a liberal?
HELL NO is what you will hear!

For me liberal simply means open – open to consider, understand, agree and disagree.

In today’s modern society, liberalism has become a vastly talked about topic.

But for many, it is a right to oppress others. To put others down by shaming them in public.
However, liberalism must not be used to exploit and suppress people who are weak. It should be used to protect & enhance the freedom of individuals.

I personally believe in a different kind of liberalism. Wanna know how it is different?