Why is your marriage failing?

September 1, 2021 0

Topic for today: Relationships!

In this episode, I share my learnings from the past 40 years of my life.
And how I came up with the ‘Four People Theory’.

But before that, let’s discuss another interesting thing- Marriage.

Society was earlier built on the foundation that men would work and women would manage the house.

The two (main) reasons why the institute of marriage formed:
Women needed a support structure
Men needed to know the child is theirs

In the 21st century, everyone is busy chasing their goals, earning money, going on vacation and being independent. Plus, women are self-sufficient, live a life they want and don’t want to depend on others.

This has made marriage an antiquated contract and an archive institute.

Marriage these days is a psychological game. One’s mind & activities are necessary to match with others if one wants to survive their marriage for long. However, earlier marriage was an antiquity contract and archive institute. But with time, it lost its relevance.

Is that why marriages don’t work like before?
And exactly does my ‘Four People Theory’ fit in here?

For all the curious cats out there, find all the answers in the Episode 4 of ‘Truth Shots with Kapil’ here: