DELHI Odd-Even Rule
April 11, 2016

Why I Hated Delhi Odd-Even Rule!

I wrote this piece right after the first Delhi Odd-Even experiment but never published it since I thought its problem over. But considering this is coming back in April, I wanna publish my thoughts. Let me preface this article: I am not an environment unfriendly person. I do my bit. I may not be an […]

July 7, 2015

Fake It Till You Make It

As the digital world continues to expand, brands world-wide are left with one daunting task: to integrate digital and traditional medium with no compromise on the success of marketing.

This was more worrisome for marketers and advertisers in the Indian market considering various reasons such as internet penetration, digital education and awareness and digital as the first preference or choice of people to consume the content.

While firms, brands and agencies had a difficult time in figuring out and deriving the rightmix of media pie, it was the white khadi kurta-payjama clad clan that showed us the way.
Yes, I am indeed talking about our politicians.Continue Reading

May 16, 2014

From two seats in 1984 to 272+ seats in 2014

It is the first time that a party other than Congress reached a vote share of 30% in Indian elections in the last 67 years. It’s the first time that a party has secured a majority after the 1984 elections (and the first time in the history that a party to secure majority is not Congress). It is the first time that the number of seats of the Congress Party has been reduced to 2 digits. It is the first time that BJP has won all 25 seats in Rajasthan and has also won a majority of seats in Uttar Pradesh diminishing the once-upon-a-time regional giants. There are so many firsts in these election results that it’s nearly impossible to list.

Social strategy of BJP

Even with all the firsts, the election results did not come as a surprise. The comprehensive marketing strategy followed by BJP and its flawless execution has been visible for months now and has helped them get out of their worst fear – coalition compulsions. BJP had hit the bullseye with its communication strategy of mission 272+.Continue Reading

February 27, 2014

Notorious Crazywal

Notorious CrazywalIn my post about ‘All that is wrong with Arvind Kejriwal’ (, I had talked about what he is missing. That was done with a conscious assumption that he has the right intentions. Today, I want to not constraint myself with that assumption.

A closer look at the events of the last few months somehow tells me that Kejriwal is self-centred, power hungry and not afraid to misuse people’s trust. Please note by no means am I claiming that’s where he started, I am suggesting that’s where he seems to be now. If someone had asked me in October, I would have given him a thumbs-up on honesty and integrity.Continue Reading

February 16, 2014

All that is wrong with Arvind Kejriwal

I had written in December about the power of common man and had very categorically mentioned that this isn’t about Kejriwal. This was the rise of the common man. And 60 days from then, I am sad to say I was right.

Arvind-KejriwalWhen AAP came to power in Dec 2013, there was anxiousness all around. No one (including his best supporters and best detractors). Nobody knew how they will perform. Nobody knew what all they will be able to do.

It wasn’t only because this was very different that all governments we had seen before. It was partly because of their lack of governance experience. It was partly because of their reliance on other parties in formulating the government.

Lets look more deeply to see what is actually wrong (For the purposes of this I will assume that Kejriwal has the right intentions and is looking for positive changes).

The entire government machinery works through 4 pillars – elected representatives who create laws (ministers), bureaucrats who run the system using those laws (government department), police who identifies anomalies (law and order) and judiciary who reprimands the anomalies. My fundamental problem with Kejriwal is that he has convinced all of us and still maintains that all 4 in this country are corrupt. By no means am I saying this inference is wrong. But that can only work if you remain an activity forever and continue to challenge the system.Continue Reading

December 16, 2013

“Me Lord! Gay and happy…let me be!”

On 11-12-13, India witnessed a sudden upsurge in millions of criminals as the Supreme Court’s decision reversed the landmark order of Delhi High Court which had decriminalised homosexual acts in 2009.  The court declared that two citizens of the same gender expressing love in the privacy of their own homes are criminals. Before I could […]

December 11, 2013

Don’t underestimate the power of a common man!

So, we have become a democracy now. Let me put things in perspective. Indian democracy has so far been elected and influenced by people who don’t know any better. As I mentioned in my last piece, only people who voted were: Very poor – Who are always occupied in the fight to earn a basic […]

December 8, 2013

Hurray! We are finally a democracy!

Ba-adab, ba-mulayza, hoshiyar. Bells are ringing, trumpets are blowing the red carpet is rolled out. As the election results are out, television, print and online media will see heated debates and read in-depth analysis. While the winning party might celebrate and pop that champagne, the losing party will reposition its 2014 LokSabha poll strategy. Also, […]

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