June 1, 2018

The Maturity of Indian Democratic System to Become a Two-party Paradigm

The dream of a two-party system seems not so far away. It is undoubtedly because of BJP’s relentless efforts to appease the Gods above. Seems like the beef ban, or the ‘tapasya’ we all endured when we stood in those long ATM lines during demonetization – everything has contributed to the arrival of a day […]

Salman Khan Kills BlackBuck
April 5, 2018

Salman Khan in Jail- Who Gives A BUCK!

We Indians have always been proud of our morals, ethics and beliefs. With a glorious history of religion and worship behind our back, we have traversed the same disciplines into our way of life. Some recent events (you know which ones), make it evident that our loyalty and trust, when it comes to worshiping our […]

Majboori Ka Naam Gandhi
March 26, 2018

Majboori ka naam Gandhi (just not Mahatma)

A political party that once controlled the country. A political party whose proud history is parallel to the history of the country, not to mention the two blurring together at times. The Indian National Congress also known as the ‘Grand Old Party’ has seen a golden period. Navjot Singh Sidhu is right when he says, […]

March 8, 2018

#CouchFeminism – Overdoses Women Empowerment

Today is Women’s Day! A day to either celebrate the might of 50% of the human population or, to rue over the exploits of 50% of the human population. The intention of both need to be identical. Creating the right place for women in the society. Please note, I didn’t say equal. Men and women […]

February 28, 2018

Nothing is Wrong in the Coverage of Sridevi News – My view!

Much has been said over Sridevi’s death and the news coverage around it. The News: Sridevi died on 24th feb, 2018 in her hotel room in Dubai Coverage 1: Why she died, how she died, murder or natural, alcohol, diet plans, cosmetic surgeries, pills, etc etc. Coverage 2: Why is media covering the Sridevi story […]

Your Customers Are Your Success Partners
February 26, 2018

Your Customers Are Your Success Partners

The higher the towers, the higher the chances of success – this notion rippled across India a few decades ago. The likes of Tatas, Birlas and Modis followed by the likes of Reliances are all we ever knew and aspired to be. However, thanks to the changing face of technology and innovation, all that has […]

October 19, 2017

Keyboard is Mightier Than the Pen is Mightier Than the Sword – Cyber Terrorism

“These are the best of times, these are the worst of times.” The above lines best describe the changing nature of media and news. From a simplistic world where there were 8-10 news outlets that regulated everything, where there was a clear distinction of Alpha male in news (the news generators) and the Beta male […]

August 14, 2017

What Independence Means?

As we are ushering into the 71st year of Independence, I want to take time for us all to explore the meaning of independence in a bit more detail. Have you ever wondered what independence really is? This blog is specifically to explore the meaning of independence as it does for a country. The next blog will explore it from an individual perspective.

India gained her independence on 15th August, 1947. So, what did it really get?

Wikipedia says: Independence is a condition of a nationcountry, or state in which its residents and population, or some portion thereof, exercise self-government, and usually sovereignty, over the territory. The opposite of independence is a dependent territory.

But what does self-government or sovereignty mean?

I have asked this to many a nationalist reveling in the idea of the nation called India, but haven’t received a convincing answer. I have asked others and the notion of independence for a country is devoid of a foreign ruler.

In my view, independence for a country is simply the notion that from now on all resources in the country will be optimized for the benefit of the nation. (Please note the word is optimize, not maximize).Continue Reading

August 10, 2017

Tough Economic Lesson For Country’s Engineering Academicians

Engineering is the practice of making things better, more efficient and getting more out of the resources.

With the opening up of the economy nearly 2 decades back and the global workforce movement, India saw plethora of opportunities open up. The easiest thing to do was to open up a new engineering college, and hence we have more engineering colleges than McDonald’s, Dominos, PizzaHut and a few more fast food chains put together.

Over the last 2-3 years, as the industry has tightened and Indian IT industry is seeing perhaps its first slump in 2 decades, most smart colleges have doubled up (and more) their marketing spending and have been able to ensure sanity.

Till we saw 2017. The engineering colleges and the intake in them is struggling. By some estimates, the form sales have taken a hit by as much as 25% to 30%. And this in an industry where institutes have increased seats almost every year. The more expensive ones, the ones which have lower quality infrastructure and can’t justify their stance are the worst hit, but everyone is going through the pain.Continue Reading

July 31, 2017

Mindfuck? What The Fuck Is That?

Let me first put this in context. The crisis that you see most people go through every so often, the stress and the unhappiness that most people have in their life and in things around them is called mindfuck. Whether its existential crisis or issues in relationships or some other seemingly missing aspect in most […]

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